7 Celebrities’ Teeth Before Fame

Do you wish you had Tom Cruise’s dazzling smile or Catherine Zeta-Jones’ perfect teeth? Well let me tell you that these teeth don’t come naturally! These celebrities have had lots of dental work and show that getting that ideal smile isn’t as hard as you thought.

Zac Efron

zac efron

Before he became famous, Zac Efron wasn’t always flawless. In his younger years, he had a small gap and slightly wonky teeth. He soon sorted this out with removable braces like Invisalign, and of course, got them whitened!

Celine Dion

celine dione

Thought Celine Dion was born with that million-dollar smile? Then think again! She had her teeth whitened and instead of having veneers like numerous other celebrities, she had dental crowns to bring her teeth in proportion, which is a cheaper option.

Tom Cruise

tom cruise

This is a celebrity who has had more drastic work done to their teeth. Tom Cruise was not born perfect and had his smile perfected using braces, dental crowns, teeth whiteners and veneers to then shoot to stardom and become a household name.

Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner

The upcoming star previously had braces to fix her crooked teeth and, like every Hollywood star, had them whitened to perfection. Now nobody would even know she had dental work!

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus

Miley wasn’t always camera-ready with her pearly whites. The pop-singer used to have braces to straighten her teeth, veneers to make them longer and then had them reshaped and whitened. That’s a lot of work for the ideal smile!

David Beckham

david beckham

Always longed for David Beckham’s teeth? Maybe when he was younger you didn’t! He had them realigned with braces, especially the front teeth and considerably whitened for the Hollywood effect.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine zeta jones

She has been branded as one of the celebrities with the best smiles but not many people know that she had them altered. Like Miley Cyrus, she had braces, veneers and got them whitened a lot to achieve this look.

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